The Gervin strains of yeast are used worldwide by the professional and amateur winemaker and beer maker and will always produce a top quality result!

GV1 Green Label – Universal wine yeast.
Ideal for all general wine types: Quick start, settles well, clean bouquet.

GV2 Red Label – Robust wine yeast.
For full bodied red and white wines: Quick start, rapid ferment, low foam.

GV3 Yellow Label – Sparkling wine yeast.
Ideal for stronger sparkling and higher alcohol dessert wines.

GV4 Purple label – High alcohol wine yeast.
Low foam, very tolerant, high alcohol wine yeast.

GV5 Grey Label – White fruit wine yeast.
Perfect for white fruit wines. Ferments down to 8°C.

GV6 Orange Label – Light dessert wine yeast.
True sauternes yeast, ferments down to 5°C, fruity and floral characteristics.

GV7 Brown Label – Restart yeast.
Ideal for restarting a stuck ferment with residual sugar.

GV8 Burgundy label – Red table wine yeast.
Ideal for Bordeaux/ Claret style wines, ferments between 18-30°C

GV9 – Black label – White wine yeast.
For German style white wines, also ideal for rhubarb and gooseberry wines.

GV10 – Gold label – Light sparkling wine yeast.
Perfect for superior sparkling and rose wines.

GV11 – Dark red label – Red fruit wine yeast.
Perfect for red fruit wines. Produces fruit wines with a fine bouquet.

GV12 – Tan label – Ale yeast.
Formulated to produce exceptional results with rapid fermentation for most beer recipes.

GV13 – Dark green label – Cider yeast.
Perfect for the rapid and clean fermentation of all types of cider.

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