Muntons range of bulk malt extracts for the home beer making market are made exclusively from the finest English 2 row barley. They are produced by the aqueous extraction of sugars from malted barley and are subsequently concentrated into a viscous syrup. They are a valuable source of fermentable sugars, provide natural colouring and impart their traditional rich malty flavour.

Our bulk range is offered in addition to our range of canned malt extracts, for the many home beer makers who move on to larger scale brewing or frequent brewers who find the convenience of bulk supplies outweigh the shorter shelf life with these products.

They are available in a number of packaging styles, from 15kg Jerry cans to 300kg bulk plastic drums. The malt extracts supplied in bulk packing are not pasteurised and therefore must be stored cool and dry to ensure they remain in good condition. Maximum recommended storage time is 6 months under ideal conditions.

  • Muntons range of home beer making kits are made from the finest UK malting barley to emulate classic beer styles from around the globe.

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    Premium Canada Range

  • Muntons exciting and refreshing new cider kits use the finest quality apples to create a crisp and authentic taste.

    Premium Gold Cider Range

  • Muntons now produce an extensive range of wine making kits that create a wide variety of high quality wines.

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    Country Wine 6 Bottle Range
    Mondego Reserve Range
    Mondego Ultimate Range
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