ABC Cork Co
653 Wilton Grove Road
West London
Ontario N6N 1N7

Tel. (1) 519 668 6160
Fax. (1) 519 6682 004
email info@abccork.com


Michael Oxner
Winemakeri Inc
739 Windsor Jct. Cross Rd.
Nova Scotia
B4C 3M1

Tel. (1) 902 864 0100
Fax. (1) 902 864 5628
email moxner@winemakeri.com


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Mr Dave Hamlin
BSG Handcraft
999 Main Road
Box 3409 Westport
Massachusetts 02790

Tel. (1) 508 636 5154
Fax. (1) 508 636 4170


Ron Hartman
LD Carlson Company
463 Portage Boulevard
Kent, Ohio 44240

Tel. (+1) 3306787733
email ldcarlson@ldcarlson.com

  • Muntons range of home beer making kits are made from the finest UK malting barley to emulate classic beer styles from around the globe.

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    Hand-Crafted Range
    Premium Range
    Premium Canada Range

  • Muntons exciting and refreshing new cider kits use the finest quality apples to create a crisp and authentic taste.

    Premium Gold Cider Range

  • Muntons now produce an extensive range of wine making kits that create a wide variety of high quality wines.

    6 Bottle Range
    Cedars Gold Range
    Country Wine 6 Bottle Range
    Mondego Reserve Range
    Mondego Ultimate Range
    Premium Cellar 30 Bottle Range