Muntons Premium Beer Kits

Following on from our revitalisation of the Muntons Connoisseurs range we have now completed an update to our popular and well established Muntons Premium range.

The new design is fresh and bold with a premium feel to reflect the quality of the product itself. This range has been around since homebrew was popularised in the 1970’s and some of the beers in the range have remained unaltered since that time – a reflection of the quality of the original product.

All of the beer kits in the Muntons Premium range are made using 100% malt and hops, with the notable exception of the American light kit which incorporates a percentage of sugar to achieve the ‘light and delicate’ flavour associated with this beer style. The Premium range encompasses some interesting and unusual beer styles, such as Old ale, a 12 pint no sugar required brew, a 24 pint barley wine kit and a refreshing Mexican Cerveza for those hot balmy summer evenings – when they eventually arrive!

The new designs will start filtering their way into your shops sometime very soon.